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~~> ist am 19.12.94 geboren

~~>hat blonde, lange Haare

~~>ist ca. 160 cm klein

~~>liebt Musik über alles

~~>braucht ihre Freunde

~~>ist verrückt...

~~>ist außerdem stur (!)

~~>hat ihre Launen

~~>hasst Franze & Sport

~~>liegt gern in der Horizontale rum

~~>lebt in ihrer eigenen kleinen weiß-schwarz-rot gestreiften Welt

~~>Isst Schockolade für ihr Leben gern

°°mag Muzik von...°°

P!nk, Panic! at the disco, Green day, Bullet for my Valentine, Billy Talent<3, Fall out boy, My chemical romance, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, Evanescence, Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, red hot chilli peppers, Rammstein, System of a down, flyleaf, the killers, the strokes, Keane, the kooks, Marilyn Manson, the suicide machines, Itchy  poopskid, Korn, 30 seconds to mars, arctic monkeys, maximo park, linkin park, the frattelis, we are scientists, Beatsteaks und Nirvana




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You are an undead!  Everyone fears you.  You keep your distance away from people and people keep their distance away from you.  You hate life, but there is always one thing that might be able to make you happy.  You don't have a family and may only have one friend.  You like dark colors.
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